Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Jersey Trip Postponed

We were supposed to go to New Jersey this week from April 16 to 22, to visit my brother and his family. I was really looking forward to the time off, but our trip has been postponed until May 6.

There was supposed to be a party to celebrate my niece Michelle's Sweet 16 birthday ; my nephew - Mike's birthday and Julian. Chris, Wan, Julian and Abigail (Armie's sister) were coming up from Florida and Mike (nephew) from California. It would have been a nice visit to see everyone. But the party has been rescheduled for May 6 because Michelle came down with pneumonia a few weeks ago and was hospitalized for a few days. She has since recovered but they're not ready for the party.

Mike and Chris' family will not be able to make it for the party because they were not able to change their flights for another day. It would have been nice to introduce Aidan to Julian and Abigail, who happens to be within the same age group.

The good thing about not going this week is that we missed the lousy weather and flooding in the States. I don't think they got the flooding that was reported in the news.

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