Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wong's Real Reno 2007

Wallace and I have a list of household chores / renovation that's a mile long (okay, not quite).
  1. House clean - include throwing old sewing machine and scanner.
  2. Paint Wicker Chair
  3. Basement Reno (turn into recreation / workshop) -cleanup / box up my stuff; take down the wall; laminate floor
  4. Paint Garden Area
  5. Bathroom Ventilation - we have a bird nesting in our bathroom vent. It's a yearly event, where Wallace has taken the leaf blower and blow the birds away.
  6. Get a new house sign.
  7. Move washing machine.
  8. Gardening.
  9. Deck
Well this weekend was pretty productive, we had a good start on the Reno 2007; Wallace started the work in the basement. He removed all the kitchen cabinets and I've boxed up a few other items. I painted the wicker chairs (it just need a second coat).

This was Wallace's project last year - Kitchen work area. It's a hotspot in the house. Wallace and I usually fight for the spot at night but Aidan gets first dibs on it when he wants to play with his interacive game on Kneebouncer.

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