Sunday, May 20, 2007

Victoria Day Weekend!

What does Victoria Day Weekend means to me? I know it's supposed to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, but to me, it means the start of gardening season. We went to Bill's Garden on Saturday and Sheridan Nurseries on Sunday. I bought some annuals (New Guinea Impatients - orange and fuschia); fibre optic grass; Ostrich Fern; Trilliums etc.).
  • We worked on the front garden, rearranging the pine trees and taking out one and placed it in a pot; replanted a geranium plant; pulled out a whole bunch of zebra grass (out of control).
  • Planted my rectangular box at the front with the new guinea impatients and east india fern.
  • Created my herb box with lemon grass; dill; basil; greek oregano and parsley.
It's very therapeutic.

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