Friday, June 29, 2007

Beef of the day......

People in a hurry. They should take a vallium before leaving the house...get a life and chill out.

I went to Loblaws today, to buy groceries for the long weekend. I went to the self-checkout counter and I might add that I scanned all my items out in good time. I checked my items out to be paid with Visa and the screen came up with "Wait for Cashier Assistance". I was waiting for the screen to go to the next screen and at the same time peeked towards the Cashier. I noticed that she was busy with a transaction, so I waited for a gap until she was available. Holy wasn't even a minute and a middle-aged man, piped in "why don't you go up to her". Anyway, I would have told him off, but didn't want to waste my energy on him....I merely shook my head and ignored him. And waited patiently for the Cashier to be available.

What really irked me is's a wonderful day out there; a beginning of the long weekend....WHY THE RUSH!!!!

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