Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carmi's Club Night

I've missed two club meetings and I'm sure glad, I was able to make it to the last one before the summer hiatus. This meeting's assignment is to design the letters that makes up "EXTRAORDINARY" Women's club. My letter was "T" and created mine to look like a tower with the damsel in distress and a knight and shining armour to rescue the damsel. In order for the knight to rescue the damsel, he has to fill up the tower with words starting with the letter "T".

The demo of the night is all about Fabric Art, Carmi showed us products that can be used to create art on Fabric. I took fabric art with Keeley and Leslie Riley in the past but have not really picked it up again and I still have to finish two of three projects (both from Keeley's class).

I have absolutely no reason not to finish my two quilt bags and make some Fabric ATC's; with my new (still unopened) sewing machine and new tips I picked up during Friday night's demo.

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