Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cycled to Riverdale Farm

My last bike ride was Victoria day. After I took a spill that day, he was saying in jest "that concludes the ride for 2007". Actually, he knows me too well and there may have been some truth to that, until today. Today, I took a leap of faith and went on a bike ride. I was a bit apprehensive and I almost went to the Riverdale farm by car, but it was a nice we went bike riding to Riverdale.

I survived it and I'm glad I went. I also surprised myself and had the courage to ride the bike lane at Bloor St. between Parliament and Broadview Avenue. Besides, Aidan loves going on the Chariot which is hooked up to Wallace's bike. With helmet in hand....he always wants to go for more bike ride.

Aidan had a grand ole' time at the Riverdale Farm. It's the first time I've ever been to it. I loved the way he trotted excitedly from one fenced area or stall to another. You can see it in his walk and face. His favourite animals were chicken/roosters; kid (baby goat) and sheeps.

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