Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Expensive Day at Bizzy B's Stamp Camp

You pay the price for being wishy washy, which I was. Should I stay home or go to Bizzy B's Stamp Camp and sell my second hand stamps at SOS Playday?

I went to Stamp Camp and sold some my second hand stamps at SOS Playday. The good thing about going to the events is that:
  • I sold some 2nd handstamps at SOS Club Play day
  • I saw my friends Lia; Joyce; June; Cori and Martha and got chat with them for awhile
  • I won two door prizes.
  • I started my ATC's for next meeting "Hot Women" and finished six.
In the midst of all that and the most expensive part of the day was my car got towed away, plus getting a parking ticket. There was the first hour of not knowing whether it was truly towed away or stolen when I called the Toronto Police Dispatch to find out whether my car was in the impound. The original response was that the car was not in any impound and I have to report it stolen. I filed the report but within 30 mins. or 45 mins. the police called to let me know they found the car and it has been towed away. Tony was a great help and drove me to the impound boy was I happy to see my car. I was close to kissing it but there a bunch of men hanging out at the impound I saved it for later. LOL!

Do I regret going! NO! I still had fun, I could have done without the tow and ticket.

What did my hubby thought about the whole thing? When I phoned him to tell him that I think the car was towed..he was the one who directed me to the Toronto Police dispatch. But when I phoned him to tell him that I think the car was stolen....he laughed (maybe in disbelief) but at least he didn't get upset. But then again, that' s not within his character (which I love...he is the more calmer one between us.)

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