Thursday, May 31, 2007

Loving my New Gadgets

My Razr has been on the fritz for the last month, since it went for a swim. The only way I can get my phone to work is to keep swapping batteries with Wallace's cell phone because my phone doesn't want to charge.

And during my vacation, my pocket pc started freezing up, pretty much how my luck has been with anything electronic that I've been using (ie. laptop; phone and Pocket pc). Is somebody trying to tell me something?

But Christmas came in May. I got a new laptop from work to replace my ever dilapidated laptop and a new Pocket PC / phone for my wedding anniversary. I know it's not remotely made of copper...I figured there has to be something copper in my new pocketpc/phone. Right!

So I have a lot of electronic toys to play with and I'm Loving it!

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