Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aidan had lots of Visitors

I"m the center of the universe.

What a perfect weekend to have visitors! I certainly had a lot of them. Let me see, it started on Saturday with Yeye (grandpa) - dropping by in the morning to drop off my diaper bag. This is a very important (don't leave home without it!). Tito Warner came around mid-morning to help out Papa with the deck and to hang out with me. Tito Andy came to visit me, let me rub his head LOL! and played with me (catch me if you can).

Tyler, Tito Warren and Tita Betty hanged out with us Sunday afternoon....first at Yeye and Grandma's place. There are lots of toys there inside and in the garden. Then we went to these cool park and splashpark and afterwards we had dinner at home and more playtime with Tyler.

The sand was very "icky on feet" but I love the slide; horsey's and swing. The splash pad was also "cool"...more ways than one. Tyler and I had a blast and I was in Heaven with all the attention I received.....and it's not even my birthday, yet.

"I'm in Heaven".

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