Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 2 of Kite Flying

In the morning, we cycled over to the track / football field at East York Collegiate, it's was a perfect place for our day 2 of kite flying. The wind was steady, so it had a good pickup. Aidan was so excited, he kept running back and forth on the football field and wanted to have his turn with flying the kite. Everyone had a turn including me, it was my first time ever....flying a kite. It was very calming.

Aidan and I went to Erin's Birthday party while Wallace stayed home to finish the deck. Aidan had a grand ole time at the big house with full of toys; lots of people; lots of food; jello sponge cake; fruits and a large fish aquarium.

NIIICE! As Aidan would say.

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