Thursday, July 05, 2007

Revisiting House Project 2007

Back in April, Wallace and I started the list of House Project for 2007. Here is how we're fairing with our 2007 House Project:

Project completed:
  1. House clean - include throwing old sewing machine and scanner.
  2. Paint Wicker Chair
  3. Gardening.
Projects started:
  1. Basement Reno (Turn it into recreation / workshop) - cleanup basement; box up my stuff; take down the wall; laminate floor and decorate. - (Started Boxing my books and supplies).
  2. Deck - (In progress - started June 30). See link to Wallace Photo album of the Summer Project - Deck 2007). Actually, Wallace has started the frame, but no photos available, yet.
Projects in Queue
  1. Paint Garden Area
  2. Bathroom Ventilation - we have a bird nesting in our bathroom vent. It's a yearly event, where Wallace has taken the leaf blower and blow the birds away. (The birds have evacuated, but we still need to fix the bathroom vent for the fall / winter season. Wouldn't want to have unwanted visitors).
  3. Get a new house sign.
  4. Move washing machine.

Well three out of nine is not too bad.

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