Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aidan's 2nd B-day Party

I can't beleive that Aidan is two in a few days. He continues to amaze and surprises me by saying new words; answering with words you don't expect them to use. It makes me laugh and stops me right on my tracks.

We had family over to celebrate Aidan's Birthday and to Christen the new deck that Wallace made. No we didn't waste a bottle of wine on the deck....we did however, test how many people can be on the deck at the same time. LOL! Luckily, it passed with flying colours.

Aidan and Ty had an amazing time. I thought that Aidan was the kissing bandit, but I think Ty took the title. The rest of the family seemed to have had a great time, as well. There were lots of food ordered from Eden Bakery / Restaurant (St. Clair and O'connor area) and Baskin Robbins Freeze frame photo of Noddy.

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