Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fun and games at the Little Tots Haircutting Place

It was long overdue for a haircut for Aidan, so we all trekked over to the Little Tots' Haircutting place. There were a few kids waiting to get a haircut but Aidan played in the "ballpen". What a switch from the last time he was at the haircutting place. He wouldn't even go into the "ballpen". Today, he actually climbed in feet first. Then when he saw another kid jump in.....he also jumped in, feet first. After awhile he was swimming in the pool of balls; he would dive on his back; on his front, like all the other kids. It was hilarious!

Usually, he would cry or he has to sit on me while he gets his haircut. Nora (hairstylist) had the knack of making him really feel comfortable that he just sat there while he looked at all the other kids get their haircut.

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