Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What was I thinking?

Well, apparently I wasn't thinking when I was driving home today. .I was a victim of the traffic blitz on Coxwell Avenue just by the East York Civic Centre. In the last few months, I've seen the dark colour unmarked cruisers and policeman, stationed on the same spot. I should have known better than to speed on these route, but I was dying to get home to see Aidan.

You see, today is my father's death anniversary, I was at the cemetery visiting his niche. As I finished my visit, I was glancing at the wall and came across a niche belonging to a six month old girl named Bianca (borned in December and lived for a short period of six months). It brought tears to my eyes to think that her life was cut short at such a young age. It made me want to rush home to see Aidan and Wallace.

Hmm! Well, at least I wasn't speeding enough to run the police over. LOL!

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