Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love Water but....

This week has been a battle with the City of Toronto Water works. A few months ago, the city did some work in the street, cleaning and removing residue in the pipes. The last few weeks, Wallace has noticed that both our neighbour and our walkway have been damp. He called the city of toronto water for leakage in our walkway on Tuesday.
  • Day 1. So they came and assessed it. CofTW decided that they were going to shut off the water next door. All night long they've been calling to have someone come out....and someone finally came out to reassess the 2nd time around. Took a tool to tighten the pipe underneath the ground, but it resulted in our house with little water pressure and our neighbour receiving a bit more than ours.
  • Day 2. Imagine taking a bath with trickling water at 7am. This was not fun at all. We called to complain and someone came out the 3rd time to assess. They turned off the water. We had to hook up a temporary hose from our neighbour's outside water line (two doors down). My next door neighbour has very low water pressure.
  • Day 3. Water is streaming out of our sidewalk into the street. Called CofTW.
CofTW says it will take 3 weeks to fix the water leak outside our side walk. In the meantime, I have people coming by our house wanting to shut off our outside water line.

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