Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxing Day!

It's Boxing Day and I feel like we're missing out on sales, but there's nothing that I want. I know that's a crazy thing to say for a person passionate (obsessed would be my hubby's word) about beads, rubberstamps and paper. Michaels would be an ideal place to be, but I have to restrict my spending on the supplies. I've been found out on how much I really have and have been frowned upon. You see one of our project was to renovate the basement, but because of the loads of art supplies strewn all over the basement, it hasn't been an easy task to box my supplies. I'm 3/4 there. All my Gracious living bins are upstairs in the 2nd floor; 20 boxes packed. It has now become a 2008 project.

For Christmas Eve, we went for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at my aunts, where Aidan had a blast with my three aunts and Uncle Andy. Lots of good food, steak; ribs, shrimp cocktail, rice, Russian Salad (my fave). Aidan had so much fun, he didn't want to leave.

We had nice quiet Christmas at home. We opened presents and chilled out at home. For Christmas, I received a Nintendo DS w/ Brain Age game. It's highly addicting, but great for exercising the grey matter. It has various tests, such as memory and calculation. I got a nice Woolrich blanket which keeps me warm when I'm downstairs.

We also have an Air Hog at home which Wallace has been flying around the house, nearly missing my head a few times. Aidan is the fetcher and happy to be part of the activity.

We're off to my brother-in-law's place later on today, for the Wong's get together.

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