Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hudson's Bay Amazing Christmas Display

It's been awhile since I've seen the Hudson's Bay Christmas Display. I remember when I first saw the Simpson Store Christmas Display, it was classic and I was in awe of the wonderful display.

Today, we took Aidan downtown to see the Christmas display. It was a little windy, but he didn't mind watching the display. He could have stayed there forever, he actually saw it twice and was begging to see the "Choo Choo Train" the third time around. We had to convince him that the train left.

The Swarosvki Crystal Christmas Tree at the Eaton's Centre was a beautiful sight to see and a must see. It was a huge tree that towers upto the 2nd Level.

We took Aidan to the Bay's Christmas section on the 5th Floor, there was a Santa Claus wearing a classic old suit and sitting by the fire. We weren't even lined up, I was just showing him Santa Claus and all he said was "Home" and started pouting. We booted out of that area before he started crying. Oh well...

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