Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dream List 2008

Every year I've been making a New Year's Resolution but seem to falter within three months.

What I thought about is to review the Dream List I created in 1999 and see how I'm doing. This is a “To Do” list for my life. This encompasses many things I aspire to do in my lifetime and is a constant reminder to get off the couch!

I started a list in 1999 and totally forgot all about it. I was watching Ellen DeGeneres in 2005 and she has did a Life List which made me revisit mine. I've been working through my list and added to it, as I go.

Dream List to accomplish in 2008
  1. Lose 20lbs from 156lbs.
  2. Improve Sewing and start making pillows, curtains and fabric art. In Nov 2007, I created a fabric art using my sewing machine for the first time. I think I found my calling. LOL!
  3. Workout and swim on a regular basis. Two or three times week.
  4. Eat Right - follow Weight Watchers's philosphy.
  5. Cleanup and box up my art supplies, as part of the basement Renovation.
  6. Renovate Basement - create recreation room and workshop area.
  7. Set up my eBay store and sell all my excess art supplies.
  8. Watercolour painting.
  9. Take Aidan to Disney World.
  10. Go skating with Aidan and Wallace. I really suck at skating, so I should add...not to break a leg in the process.
  11. Learn Photoshop.
  12. Get together more with friends in Toronto.
  13. Keep in touch with families and friends in New Jersey, California and Philippines.
  14. Make my Christmas Cards in advance.
  15. Manage my time (i.e. do things in advance, so that I don't have to do it last minute).
  16. Keep my blog up-to-date.
Dream List (Long-Term)
  1. To get art work published in Somerset Studio.
  2. Travel to Egypt (see the Pyramids)
  3. Travel to West Coast. Went to Vancouver, San Francisco in 2004, but would like to go back.
  4. Visit Philippines
  5. Visit Tofino, North Vancouver, BC
  6. Go to Europe (Paris, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice) w/ Wallace & Aidan
  7. Visit my cousin Angel, nephew Mike and cousin Grace in California.
  8. See Nova Scotia: Went in 2005 with Aidan and Wallace (Completed)
  9. Return to East Coast (including Maine).
  10. Travel to Chicago.
  11. Setup a Christmas Gift Show at home.
Dream Accomplished
  1. Buy a house. Done deal, bought it in 1999.
  2. Get Married. A Dream come true. I've been married for 7 years.
  3. Improve French. Although I have not taken a course since 2006, butI have been practicing on my victims...rather my team in Montreal.
  4. Go on a Carribean Cruise. Dream Cruise came true in 2000 - Honeymoon.
  5. Sell Cards / jewelleries / journals / starbooks. (Started selling in 2001 - Holly Jolly and Artisan Market)
  6. Setup a Business. (MDW Designs - Completed).
  7. To teach at a store (Teaching at Bizzy B and SOS Club- on-going).
  8. Travel to Vancouver. Went three times (or was that four (2001 to 2004).
  9. Have a couple of kids. Started in 2005. I had Aidan Henry.
  10. Mont-Tremblant Vacation (Summer 2007).

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Susan Williamson said...

This makes me want to create my own Dream List. Thanks for sharing your dreams!