Saturday, January 05, 2008

White Train

We rode the "White Train" today (aka TTC Subway) to the ROM - Dinosaur exhibit. Wallace had planted the idea in Aidan's head, so all morning he was saying "ride on white train" we did. It was an adventure for Aidan who was very excited throughout the train ride.

This is the first time I've bee to the ROM since it was renovated with the "Cristal" addition. I would have to say, that it's a bit disappointing to see it upclose.....but it's different when you see it from the distance. It actually looks like a crystal. There's something strange merging an old style building with a modern building.

The dinosaur exhibit was amazing. I didn't realize that the bones of a Wooly Mammoth was actually found in Ontario - Queenston Heights. Wow!

There were a bit of excitement during our visit at the ROM:
  • The first incident was a lady who came in through the entrance with a streak of blood trickling down her face. Apparently, she ran into the door.
  • The second one was a missing kid at the CIBC Discovery area / Bird exhibit. I really felt for her, the mom was in hysterics...literally running up and down the hallway looking for her kid "wearing a grey sweater". Everyone in the area started canvassing around to help out, .even Aidan wanted to help. About 10-15mins. later, the kid was found walking between the Bird exhibit and CIBC discovery area, carrying a furry snake stuffed animal and a blue puppet, not realizing that he was a subject of a search.
All is well that ends well.

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