Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dollar Challenge - Mission Accomplished

I started my dollar challenge earlier in the week with the hope of finishing ahead of time, because an idea finally popped into my head on Monday on what to do with the wallet.   But have been ending up following asleep comatose in the coach after putting Aidan to bed.  My problem is I wind down too much, not even Wallace can wake me up.

The unveiling is tomorrow.  In 2008, my goal is to convert my dollar challenge to something functional and useful, with a touch of my art but not too flashy.  I'm proud of what I came up with with this challenge and I'll post it tomorrow night for all to see.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's meeting, February is really giving me the blues....especially with the cold weather the last few days.  If it's not snowing, it's damn cold, you think you live in Canada or something, LOL!

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