Saturday, March 08, 2008

Art Tag Charm Bracelet

I took Keely Barham's workshop more than a year ago on creating the Art Tag Charm Bracelet. After her workshop, I had all the intentions of finishing the bracelet but never got around to it. Last night I was inspired to dig out the unfinished Art Tag Charm Bracelet. Snowed in today, I finally finished it.

Who inspired me?

Christina Lazar Schuler. I was catching up on reading friends' blogs and I was reading Christina's blog and checking out her Etsy store. I came across her line of digital work and bracelets on sale at the Etsy store. It's an incredible workmanship and art. Ever since I met her at Great Impressions, I've worshipped the ground she walks on. (LOL! I haven't said that to her lately). I figured, if I'm going to start on new art, I better finish the unfinished art.

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