Saturday, March 08, 2008

Big Snow Cake (Hmmm.....)

During the snowfall on Saturday, Aidan ventured out and played in the snow, while Wallace used the snow blower to clear the driveway and walkway. He had his snowsuit on, but still managed to get wet in the process. His curiosity was peaked when we went to the backyard and he noticed the big mound of snow on top of the patio table. It was his big snow cake and had a bit of it to eat.

He was having so much fun that if I hadn't brought him in, he probably would have frostbite. I actually have to drag him from the deck which was not an easy feat. Imagine trying to carry a 2 1/2 year boy weighing 37lbs with his full weight and crying down a snow covered steps. It wasn´t a very easy maneuver.

Needless, to say playing outside and the bawling exhausted him that he slept for a good three hours before my brother came over for dinner.

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