Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catching Up!

It was a day to catch up with myself, friends and family.

I scheduled a few hours at the hair salon to get my hair done (hi-lites and cut). I learned a few things about my hair: 1) that I was losing more hair than usual because of the type of shampoo that I'm using. I was told by the hair colourist that Pantene is bad for fine hair, apparently there's silicone in it that makes my hair fall off at the roots and 2)I shouldn't be washing it everyday and really stop using drugstore products (advise from my hair stylist). I'm pretty sure this is not the first time she told me this. So, I'm in search of good hair product. Aside from that, I did have a relaxing afternoon.

I met my friends for coffee at Moxie's, which is literally across from the hair salon I go to. It was nice catching up with friends over nice hot coffee/tea, cheesecake and apple crisp (which is to die for). One of my friend showed us some photos of her trip to San Diego and day trip along the West Coast (Monterey, Fresno, LA and San Francisco). And I can't believe my other firend's kids are already 11 and 9 and taking piano and guitar lessons. Wow! where does the time go.

It was my brother's birthday today and we went over to celebrate his birthday. Dinner and dessert was scrumptious, with some food ordered from the chinese restaurant and home-made chicken wings and spring rolls. Hmmm!

Happy Birthday, bro!

Aidan and my aunts had a ball. He entertained them with his dancing and played peek-a-boo. They are also trying to teach him Tagalog, which he attempts to repeat after a bout of giggles when hearing the phrases. So far, he can say "Teka muna" which means Wait a minute!

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