Friday, March 21, 2008

Egg-Stravaganza at the Zoo!

We went to the Metro Zoo for the Egg-Stravaganza event. Aidan went on the "scavenger hunt" for stickers at the different pavilions. The price is a bag of mini egg (Hershey). The funny thing is that I inadvertently lined up for the mini-eggs for Aidan , before we even did the scavenger hunt. It's a good thing, by the time we finished, the give aways were gone.

I wanted to see the polar bear this time around but the American section is under construction and all the exhibits have been moved to another zoo.

Aidan is starting demonstrate or expressing his fear of certain things. For example, today when we were going through the African exhibit, he didn't want to see the Elephant. We thought he'd be excited to see the elephants, since he gets excited watching them in Go Diego Go series. After much prodding, I found out that he was afraid to come close to the elephants because he's afraid that he would stump around and make noises......just like one of the "Go Diego Go series".

The one thing he loves watching are the "MONKEYS" - Gorilla, macaque, orangutan etc. Guess why? LOL! He loves Curious George and can't get enough of it.

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