Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vaughn Mills

We spent the afternoon at Vaughn Mills this afternoon. It started off with a couple of hours at the Nascar Speedway Arcade and play area. Aidan and Wallace played the Skeet Ball and earned some tickets which he claimed two little cars and bean bag ball for Aidan.

Aidan was in the kid's playground which has tunnels, punching bag and a slide. He spent an hour in the playground - half an our of it at the top (where the tunnel and punching bag is..... trying to persuade the kids not to go down the slide). There were a few times he looked like he was going down the slide he emerges back into the tunnel area. I don't know how he finally got the courage to go down the slide (I think, it must have been when I went up to tell him, he has to come down soon, either by going down the stairs or down the slide). I guess he chose the slide, because when I turned around he was already climbing up for round two.

It's a good thing there's cushions on the floors and staircases because Aidan was knocked over by a kid who decided to use one of the support bars, as a monkey bar. When the older kid swung back, Aidan was just starting to climb up on the stairs and the kid caught Aidan with his legs and knocked him backwards and on to the next step. Aidan was caught by surprised as to what just happened, but like a trooper, he got back up and went his merry way up the stairs and down the slide.


Susan Williamson said...

I think you and Wallace had Aidan just so you could go to all these cool places and be kids again!

MarissaDW said...

LOL! There certainly some truth to that. I must admit, everytime I go to a place or a day trip with Aidan, it's like seeing things in a different way. He is always excited when he discover things, it makes me appreciate things more the second time around.