Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Tuesday, today I'm Inspired by....

Akemi Nishidera. She's the owner of Kozo Studio on 257 Broadview Avenue. I signed up for her Bookbinding 101 that's running on Tuesdays for eight weeks. It started tonight for three hours and I'm so inspired by her studio and class. I'll have to post my first photo of the mini-book I created in class next week. We left the cover at the studio to be pressed.

Apparently, I have some kind of connection with Akemi. She's a friend of my sister-in-law's sister. What a small world!

Here's some info on

And found this little clip on Utube about Letterpressing.

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uncertainvoyage said...

I'm so envious. I wish I was taking the class too. Next one!