Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's been awhile.....

....since I've posted on my blog.   What's new?

  • Weight Watchers:  It wrapped up last Thursday.  I lost 1.4lbs only to gain 1.6lbs last week.  I went on a binge on Puto - Filipino rice cake which I guess is my weakness....and it definitely showed on the Thursday result.  Fear not, I haven't totally abandoned Weight Watchers or watching my weight.  I spent 12 weeks to lose 9.4 lbs and I'm not about to put them all back.    I joined the At Work Summer Special for 16 weeks, I'm hoping that it runs at work, we needed at least 17-20 people to run the session.
  • Bookbinding 101:  I completed my Japanese stab book.  Although, I'm familiar with the technique, I learned something during this session. - how to measure the cover, if I'm using a Japanese paper; tissue paper and adding  endpapers.  We have a break next week and will continue the week of May 12 (but I'll be away).  There's a make up class at the end of May, so I can catch up doing the next book - leather bound book.
  • Carmi and Friend's Indoor Garage Sale:  On April 28, we had the Indoor Garage Sale at the Zion Church (Finch and Don Mills).  I fared well in the sale considering that there was surprise TTC strike that put a damper on our sale.   We all agreed that it would have been a lot busier, if there wasn't any TTC strike.     I was happy with the sale, I had a chance to catch up with Genevieve who was also selling that day; I got rid of three boxes and found some really paper for and good buy.   Sandy and her two lovely daughters dropped in at the sale and I was happy to share some of my stamps with her and kids.  Link to the Carmi and Friend's Indoor Garage Sale photos.   The highlight of the sale were two art school students who happened to stumble into our sale and Christmas came early for them.  They were able to buy arts and craft supplies for dirt cheap and rake in some of the free supplies  that was overflowing. 

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