Saturday, June 07, 2008

Adventure with Aidan at S. Walter Stewart

S. Walter Stewart library re-opened it's doors on May 29.  The library is known for it's unique circular structure.  It was closed for a year and a half and under went a renovation.   We went to visit the library on Thursday night and what an awesome sight.  

The renovation gave the library a much needed facelift and made it into one of the state of the art library.   It is now airy and well lit.  The entrance from the parking lot and front door meets into a foyer and a sliding door leads you into an amazing setup.   The library is now equipped with a self-checkout and check-in area because of the radio frequency scanners and tags in each library book.   This allows you to checkout your book with a few touches on the computer screen.   

The childrens' area is situated downstairs and Aidan had a blast with the books and activity area.  I think he could have stayed there for another few hours, but the library was closing soon.
The library visit was met with some mishaps with Aidan  taking a dump while we were at the library.  That wasn't so bad, because we had diaper and wipes with us.   It was the poop-shaped like Snickers bar that escaped from his pant leg that put an interesting twist to the visit.  Thank goodness for a family washroom with a sink.  I was able to wash his pants clean.     Meanwhile, in the hallway, Wallace pointed out some poop laying on the floor thinking it was made by another kid.  But as I was cleaning Aidan, it became apparent that those poops came from Aidan.  It was a mad rush to clean Aidan, the pants and track the poop along the corridors, leading to the family washroom before people started passing through the corridors.  I was able to track the poop and cleaned it just in time before library staff started walking through the corridor.   

With  one damp pant leg, Aidan enjoyed the rest of the library visit.

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