Sunday, June 29, 2008

Centreville is for Kids...

I love that jingle, but I didn't fully appreciate the amusement park until last year, when we took Aidan to Centreville. Although the day started out with gray and drizzling, it turned out to be a beautiful day. To think I didn't want to go to Centreville today. Outrageous! 

We met up with Warren's in-laws who had six to seven kids on their side. Aidan had a wonderful time hanging out with the Lie and Wong clan....he was all smile and very energetic. Who wouldn't be energetic after eating home-made rice krispies squares made by Auntie Betty (she's the best) and funnel cake with the Works (icing sugar and ice cream).

Aidan rode the pony (ride em cowboy); went on the log ride (all smiles); ship and fire engine ride. He wanted to go on the train and a few other games, but we ran out of tickets.

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