Sunday, June 22, 2008

Street Sale

Every year my friends and I have a garage sale at my place. But this year I added a twist to the garage sale and made it into a Street Sale. A few of my neighbors were interested in having one and since I was planning to have garage sale, we set it up into a Street Sale, where quite a few of the neighbors within our block joined Garage Sale on June 21. People came in droves to the sale and I was able to sell 7 of 13 boxes, plus my friend Kumari's garage sale items. As usual, we had some crazy weather, sunny in the morning, cloudy towards the early afternoon, where it finally rained at around 2pm.

Aidan spent time with his friend Andrew and Tyler who were very accommodating in letting Aidan hang out with them during the garage sale and watching tv at their house. I met my neighbors who I would not normally see, because of the different schedules.

A garage sale would not be complete, without a bbq lunch.

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