Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day Celebration

What a beautiful Canada day! It's weird having a Holiday in the middle of the week, but it was a good break and it was great day for celebrating. We watched the East York Canada Day Celebration that goes through Sammon. Aidan sat with his "people", as he would call his friends. Andrew, Tyler and Eli were there. Aidan was so excited, he even got up to pretend to be one of the drummers in the marching band.

We continued the Canada Day Celebration by going to the Woodbine Festival and had some chicken dogs...strange but surprisingly good. Aidan got a chicken hat which he happily wore all afternoon.

We trekked to The Beaches and boy was it crowded.

Finished off the trek to the splash pad / playground by the new Beaches homes. Aidan met up with new and old friends. We bumped into Elise (mom-to-be again) and Aubrey at the playground....no pun intended. I'm not sure that they remember each other, but Aidan seem to think he remembers. LOL!

At night, we watched a bit of fireworks from Stan Wadlow park, which we can see from our bedroom. Aidan was a very happy little one.

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