Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aidan's Fish Aquarium

One of Aidan's birthday gift was a fish aquarium. He was so excited to have the aquarium that he kept asking when we're going to buy the fish. Of course, our main activity today was to go to Big Al's Aquarium on Kennedy to buy some fish. It was an adventure for Aidan to shop the items for his aquarium and Mr. Independent wanted to push the cart around the store and surprisingly enough he, maneuvered it well. Aidan chose some Danios and Tetras fishes and we bought the rest of the accessories for the 5 gallon fish tank (ie. pebbles, fish food, background for the aquarium, water heater, plastic plants and a pirate ship). Basically, all the essentials to make it a home sweet home for the little fishes.

These shots were taken throughout the day: First thing in the morning, Aidan and Dad prep the tank (top left); Back from Big Al, putting in the plastic plants (top right); watching the fishes (bottom left) and the finish product - Aidan's Aquarium (bottom right).

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