Tuesday, September 02, 2008

End of Summer

Going to the CNE (especially the Labour Day weekend) always marked the end of summer. We went with Aidan's cousin...Tyler and had a fabulous time. It was a beautiful sunny day and it makes you almost forget that it's the end of the summer.

The little guy had a taste of corn dog, waffle ice cream and fries.

The day was full of activities: watching the airshow, looking at fire engines and getting stickers; shopping; playing games (fishing for ducks and leap frogs) and watching the Mardi Gras parade where they tossed colourful necklaces to the crowd and the Canadian forces gave away footballs to all the kids. Tyler and Aidan were showered with both necklaces and football.

Wallace and Warren were looking forward to watching the airshow, but Wallace was a bit disappointed with the show (considering all the planes are probably across the ocean).

Aidan won a stuffed frog, playing the Leap Frog and two dinosaurs playing the fishing for ducks),

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