Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflection of 2008

This year has been a very busy year at home and challenging year at work with staff reductions and training/outsourcing to India.

2008 ended with a nice visit from my brother and his family and some health issues with my family. 2009 is going to be a another long and challenging year. Braising myself.

But on the lighter and brighter side, I did accomplish some things.

Accomplished in 2008

  1. Lose 10-12lbs from 156lbs. Done - June 30.
  2. Worked out on a regular basis. Two or three times week. - Jan 1, 2008: Joined the Oxygen Fitness at work and have been going to the classes twice a week).
  3. Eat Right - follow Weight Watcher's philosophy (Started on Weight Watchers on Feb 14).
  4. Cleanup and box up my art supplies, as part of the basement Renovation. (Done - Jan 12, 2008). As of Nov 2008, all boxes are in storage.
  5. Renovate Basement - create recreation room and workshop area. (Started - Jan 13 and put in storage locker on Dec 20, 2008) I would have to say that Wallace did all the work on the Basement renovation but I wanted to say that this is completed as part of 2008 project.
  6. Sell all my excess art supplies and magazines on eBay. SOLD some.
  7. Take Aidan to Disney World (Done- May 18, 2008).
  8. Go skating with Aidan and Wallace. I really suck at skating, so I should add...not to break a leg in the process (Went to CGI event...BTW. Didn't break a leg).
  9. Get together more with friends in Toronto. Got together with friends and we got Dani to bake some cookies – history in the making.
  10. Keep in touch with families and friends in New Jersey, California and Philippines. Keeping in touch with friends and relatives in Facebook.
  11. Keep my blog up-to-date. Mission accomplished – would like to include more art work.
Here's to a prosperous and Happy New Year to everyone!

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