Sunday, January 04, 2009

How honest are you?

Irene had this on her blog and while reading this activity, I thought it would be a great challenge to accept by sharing ten little honest tidbits about myself. I am suppose to pass it on to seven others, but like Irene I'm going challenge 7 bloggers to take up the challenge. Wow....I'm already having a hard time coming up with the first one....anyway here goes:
  1. I love being a mom. I just wish he would stop growing, so fast. Wallace had a great idea! That is to give him a pill to prevent him from growing. I'm still looking!!!
  2. I love seeing things through the eyes of a toddler. Basic and simple perspective and lots of questions.
  3. I'm a journal junkie. I have so many journals (now all in a box in storage) but I still keep buying them.
  4. If I have the means to stay home and quit my job, I would, that way I can spend sometime with Aidan; work on my art; learn to cook better; organize the house (which is mostly my mess).
  5. What keeps me going to work are the people I work for and the people who reports to me?
  6. I have a huge collection of papers, art supplies; rubber stamps, you name it, I can open a mini-Michaels.
  7. I've always wanted to have a train set and make a model village, that's probably why we have all these Legos and train sets at home, so that I can play with it......errrr...rather for Aidan.
  8. I used to cook when I was living on my own and dating Wallace but I've left the cooking to Wallace the last 8 years because he is a better cook and he gets home earlier.
  9. When we decided to get a cat for a pet, I didn't like the idea of having a black cat. But when a stray cat kept coming over to our house, Wallace took him in. He's been with us for five years. Minx turned out to be a great pet. And I'm loving him. Aidan loves him too.
  10. When I'm in the mood to cleanup, watch out...I might clean you in the process. But if I don't do anything industrious, I can be a lazy lump. Just ask Wallace.
Now I'm supposed to link in 7 bloggers to do the same but I'm going to ask and challenge other bloggers to join the fun.

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