Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Living Space

My art supplies

Aidan's toys and Wallace's Total Gym

Family Room - still need some fixing.

We have a new living space in the basement, Wallace really worked hard to get the basement finished before my brother and family arrived from NJ.    It was a long year of getting my junk in boxes and in storage; removing walls; installing pot lights; painting and doing the laminate flooring.

The day after Wallace and his brother moved the couch and TV downstairs; Aidan wanted to watch TV, as we descended the stairs, both Aidan and I realized that the TV is in the basement.  We both said...oops, the TV is downstairs.   He loves going downstairs.  It's now nice and cozy.

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alajosefina said...

You sure have a lot of fixing to do,same here the long vacation gave me time to clean up a lot of things(general cleaning as they say)was not able to update my blog yet still learning ay naku nakakahiya!!!my daughter erika who is now 14 always have a great laugh at me everytime i used the computer(how fast technology change)Happy to see your picture still gorgeous n pretty just like me(di ba) this is my email ad.regards to your aunts hope they better now.Papa is also at the hospital for a month now hopefully by Jan 3 we can go home na.