Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nutella Breakfast

Aidan decided that we were all having Nutella breakfast this morning. After getting dressed, he disappeared downstairs and was very quiet. Mother's instinct tells me to checkout what he's up to. When I reached the kitchen, I found Aidan on a chair trying to get some plastic bowls from the cupboard; three spoons already set on the table (one for me, Wallace and Aidan) and the Nutella bottle on the table with the lid open.

I asked him - "What are you up to?" Aidan replied, "I'm setting the table for Nutella breakfast." How sweet is that?

So we had a quick Nutella breakfast.


andy said...

OMG So he's caught the Nutella "addiction" you've had! LOL!!! Too cute!

irenka said...

Wow look at you lose weight, I'll never be able to keep up to you. I'm sure your pounds are moving in with me.

MarissaDW said...

It's all the goodies I ate from the Holidays that I shed this week. And I started taking cardio classes at work, again. The losing part will be challenging next week, as well as finding time to workout. This week was slow at work, so I was able to go to three classes. I"m crossing my fingers, that I'll keep going.

Don't give up.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I hope you were putting the Nutella on toast and not eating it out of the bowls! How in the world are you losing weight eating bowls of Nutella?? LOL. This is so funny, and as sweet as it gets! Great work on the chubby part too.

jojo said...

Goodluck.So much inspiration I guess.I hope I could do that too.