Saturday, January 03, 2009

Trekking around downtown

We went for Wallace's birthday dinner at Marche - Richtree, last night.   There goes my 10lb challenge. Enjoyed the crepes with vanilla bean ice cream. 

Aidan and I at the Brookfiled building (formerly BCE place), waiting to get into Marche.

Aidan wearing my nice "Fargo" hat I received for Christmas.  It looks better on him; but the hat is really warm.

Aidan outside enjoying the snowfall.


irenka said...

I blew the 10lb. challenge today as well, we'll start again tomorrow. If it wasn't so slippery, I'd walk it off right now but....

Shanae Buckner said...

Me too! I blew the 10lb challenge because of the sinful blueberry cheesecake! We really can't resist those temptations, sweetie. But like you, I guess I should start walking again tomorrow! =)