Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aidan's Hand Puppets

Today was a very busy day with Aidan; I took the day off for Jr. Kindergarten registration; and doctor's visit.  But we managed to squeeze in a visit to the library; dim sum with his grandparents; make hand puppets and have a puppet show downstairs for his furry friends (Bebe; min-bebe; Dangles and Aero).

We went to Jr. Kindergarten registration, met the teachers; had a tour of the school and Aidan received a Welcome to school kit consisting of alphabet kitchen magnet; scissor; notebook; book; crayons and pencil. He was so excited about the school kit that he opened it when we got home; asked for paper and started cutting paper with his new scissors.  This led to making hand puppets, which I bought from Michael's last year.   

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