Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aidan's New Bike

A few weeks ago, if you recall, Aidan and I went around the block with his bike, every so often he would hit his knee on the handlebar. Needless to say he has outgrown his tricycle and moved on to the big leagues of real bike (well with training wheels).

This week Aidan, Wallace and Yeye went to Cyclepath to buy new bike for Aidan. Apparently, he's been whispering /planting ideas to his grandfather every time they walk by Cyclepath when they're out for their walk, pointing to a green bike. So this week Aidan, Wallace and Yeye went to check out the bike at Cyclepath. The bike was too small for him, but fortunately they found another green bike which he liked as much as original one he saw. Yeye bought the bike for a very advance birthday gift for Aidan. He is like a pro on it. Although, he's already had a minor spill which made a teeny tiny bruise on his knee, he still likes his bike.

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