Saturday, March 14, 2009

Symbolisms / Icon

Last Friday was the Bizzy B ATC Exchange, it's by far the smallest turn out since it started. It's due to March Break, a lot of the Beehives went on hiatus.

This month there have been some long gaps between entries, although I've been trying to be diligent entering something in my blog for 2009. Work has zapped every ounce of energy and creativity in me and all I want is to veg...

I almost changed my mind about going to ATC night last Friday, but I'm glad I did. It forced me to work on my ATC exchange, which is Symbolism and Icons this month. I ended up using the symbolism on "the eyes is the window to the soul". The facial images came from Susan W's wonderful digital masterpiece; the frame is from Paper Artsy.

Kris also did a demo on her butterfly origami, which is a cool thing. Thanks for showing us how to do it.


Susan Williamson said...

Oh Marissa ...I love what you did with my images. Actually I almost missed it because I was too busy scrolling down trying to find more cute pictures of Aidan. Sorry I missed you on Friday night.

martha brown said...

Your ATCs are so cool! thanks for posting everyone elses too -- I was wondering if I'd be able to see them!
Aidan is sooooo cute -- and he is obviously happy that Spring is finally here! Happy Spring!

MarissaDW said...

Susan, Missed you at ATC night. It was a very quick meeting. Thanks, I've been holding on to your ATC images, it's about time I use them.

Martha, No problem. Whenever, I remember to post it...sometimes I get lazy. Sorry we missed you at ATC night.

Aidan is growing up too fast. Thanks...he's too cute, at least his cheeks are intact. I'm the worst mom....I tweek his cheeks whenever I see him and give him multiple hugs and squeezes. He ends up running away from me.

A bird in the hand said...

I see we were all admiring Aidan. I was remembering that the first time I saw him he was a wee baby. What a gorgeous boy he's turning into.

Hope to see you at the April ATC meeting.
Colette xoxo