Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day at St. Jacobs Country

It started out, as a nice day at St. Jacobs Country.  We checked out the LEGO shop at the Outlet Mall.  If Aidan had his way he would have bought all the Star Wars Lego sets, but he settled for the Police ambulance and policeman.      Aidan got to see some four legged animals - ponies; horses and sheep but the bunnies decided to stay inside their little haven.   We had lunch; enjoyed some ice cream and  shopping at St. Jacobs Village.  Aidan's favorite store is the Toy Soup.  It's a big store, even I wanted to stay and play.

Aidan said his favorite part of the day is having Uncle Andy come to St. Jacobs with us and riding at the back seat with Aidan.

We got into the car just in the nick of time.  It started pouring while we drove home.  It was also very windy which created a mass of sand swirling around 401.  It made for a slow drive due to low visibility.


irenka said...

Oh the lego days. My lego man is now working on being an engineer. I wanted him to be a lego assembler for a living. He once described his idea of heaven as a room filled with lego.

andy said...

I love the little guy -- Oh! So much... you've no idea!