Monday, April 27, 2009

Shops at Don Mills

Shops at Don Mills officially opened last weekend (Don Mills and Lawrence).  What used to be a mall - Don Mills Centre is now a fine new outdoor centre with a parkette stage; water fountain; McNally Robinson Book Centre and more.  There were lots to be excited about, if you were a kid: clowns on stilts making balloons for kids; band playing at the stage in front of a parkette; water fountain that you can splash and wade if you like, if it wasn't for being a bit cool.  Mind you that didn't really stop Aidan from playing with the water, who got soaked a couple of times.  

There's a new restaurant that I want to try out next time - Linda by Salad King (Thai Restaurant).  


nancy said...

i was wondering when they would finish that project, i'll have to check it out, thanks for the update!

Marley Adams said...

I would like to speak with Marissa DW if possible. Want to buy lots of your beautiful cards as I have in the past when you had a craft table in the Beaches.
phone 416-686-5710

Susan Williamson said...

I saw the shops last week at Don Mills and there is just so much to be excited about. The water fountain close to the new bookstore was on and there were loads of kids enjoying themselves. I thought maybe the new centre would be less community-like than before, but it seems to just the opposite to me.