Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Wallace brought back all the boxes from the storage facility and they are all seating in the living room area.   I know I have to purge but it's very hard when you've collected a lot of  "junk" over the years (ranging from magazines, books, photos and arts / crafts supplies).   

In not so many words, I've been told to reduce the the boxes from 31 to 3.  Definitely, an impossible feat, but will definitely reduce it by purge....purge....purge.

It's going to be a HUGE Garage Sale this year, ladies. 


andy said...

Have u considered storing some here? My fee'll cheaper, promise!

irenka said...

Leslie and I were looking for a stamp that we saw at "Philips" many years ago, it was the Alice in wonderland one, it had a mad hatter and rabbit, if you purge and come across one, we'd love to help you out. I know you probably already got rid of it at the stamp sale, but worth a mention.

Carmi said...

How goes the reduction program???

MarissaDW said...

Andy..Thanks for the offer but purging is good. It's a long time coming. I need to get rid of some stuff.

Irene...sorry I don't have any Alice in Wonderland stamps. Although it might have been a good one to be in collection. Oops..sorry did that sound like I was regressing.

Carmi. There's too much talk about reduction program at work, I'm beginning to get a tick. LOL! It's actually going well, but I haven't done anything in the last two nights. I actually had six to seven more boxes brought back home, but not crafts stuff. I got rid of 13 boxes, so far. I'm doing some more purging today. Hmm. Is this allowed on Good Friday!