Friday, April 10, 2009

Too Many Aidans

I admit I chose Aidan's name because I liked this actor Aidan Quinn, but I also liked it because I thought it wouldn't be a very popular name in 2005.  Well I was dead wrong! 

A week ago, we went to get Aidan's haircut at the Beaches Little Tot Haircutting Place.   In the timeframe that Aidan was in the haircutting place, there were three "Aidans" getting their haircut, varying in was a girl named Aiden and two were boys.

Today, we took Aidan in East Lynn park;  Aidan was playing in the sandbox with another boy.   I was trying to take a picture of Aidan, so I was calling out his name a few times to look up in the camera.  Instead, the other boy looked up and answered me.  I looked at him and asked, is your name Aidan, too.  And he answered yes.


andy said...

Hey, MT:

Please don't tell me you shoulda called him -- you know, the name you wanted to use in the first place.

Cuz if you do, you might as well tattoo "Kick me" on his forehead!

irenka said...

Choosing a name for your child is so hard. When I was expecting my first son I discussed it way TOO much with friends and family. I had decided he was going to be a girl, and her name was going to be Sydney. My mother freaked. Then we picked so boy names, all the while I was expecting him to be a girl. The name Oliver was what I wanted. Well my mother went into a spin, but it wasn't until my niece Jennifer said, "Ciocia Irene, (they call me ciocia) please don't name your baby Oliver, I have an Oliver in my class and everytime we sing Oh Canada he pees himself." Well his name is Daniel. All through elementary school there were at least 3 Daniels in the class. I didn't discuss names with anyone when my second child was born.

jojo said...

Happy Easter to you my friend.