Sunday, May 03, 2009

Back to Exercising

This weekend I pushed myself to workout, after a couple of months of neglect.   I went to the gym and almost didn't end up working out because the gym was close.  However, there were a few ladies waiting for awhile and one of them was an instructor, they were supposed be there for a Zumba class.  It seems that there are enough girls who would like to workout and were ready to do it in the food court at Loblaws, luckily there's another Goodlife fitness in the area (Parkview).  After making arrangements with the manager and regional manager, we trekked over to Parkview.   Wow, what a nice facility, this used to be the Toronto Sports Club of Canada.  In the end, I had my 45 mins. workout.

Today, I went for a long walk with a friend of mine from my place to the Beaches.  What a beautiful day for a walk!  But oh my aching legs and feet.

We met Wallace and Aidan at the Beaches, who drove down to meet us, just in case we decided we needed a ride home.   As it turned out, we attempted the long walk back home and survived.   Aidan had a good time at Kew Beach park and was enamored by my friend.  He held her hands and kept asking her, if she wants to come over to watch Bolt at our place.  


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Good for you!

Doesn't matter where you start...this is great.

I'm off to NYC this week and will absolutely NOT be watching anything BUT the cupcakes, pastrami, pizza, street plan is to walk between shops thereby justifying my indulgences :) You keep inspiring me upon my return. We'll get there!

irenka said...

I hear you with the sore feet and legs. I thought I would start to walk a little farther at least once a week, and boy did I feel it. You Go Girl.