Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Blue Jays Game for Aidan

Last night we went to a Blue Jays Game, it was Aidan's first baseball game.  I remember going to the baseball games with my dad, but lost interest in it when he passed away...just after winning our second World Series.  Although, I think I lost interest because the players went on strike.  
We had a really good seat on the 100 Level, by the third base.  Although we ended up switching a few seats higher because there were more room and Aidan was able to move around, waving his Blue Jays flag, enjoying his pizza, popcorn and ice creams Dibs. It's a miracle he didn't get sick, after all that.
Blue Jays won 8-3 against the Chicago White Sox.

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irenka said...

So glad you and yours enjoyed the game. I got interested in baseball when my guy was little, I just caught on that he just wanted to stay up late. But I got hooked. I still watch, for as long as I stay awake. O.K. Marisa you and I are stuck at - 4.5 lbs. I know I'm eating way too much, and I should be walking a lot more. But you seem to be active. Your scale must be broken.