Saturday, May 23, 2009

A fishing we will go

Wallace bought Aidan a fishing rod last weekend and we took him out to the southeast end of High Park by Ellis Park and Queensway.
There we spent a few hours fishing and finally caught a fish, after snagging seaweeds, after seaweeds.It was fine day for fishing, .even Uncle Warner came out to meet us and spent a few hours with us.


irenka said...

Oh I remember those days. My husband is an avid angler and hunter, yet he has never taken our boys fishing. Well I decided that they needed to know about fishing even if they never went again. So we took a fishing course, (you know I take courses all the time, a life long learner, I am.)Well Sasha was little, and Daniel was eager. After we learned to tie the perfect lure we headed for the lake, the deepest lake in Ontario. I was a nervous wreck, I can't swim. The boys fished a couple of times after that, and I imagine Daniel will do it when he has more time after school is finished, but what an adventure. I'm so glad you are enjoying this time. Keep it up you're a great mom.

MarissaDW said...

That's funny how mothers worry about different things. We were fishing in an area which has a bit of a slope. Needless, to say I was worried about Aidan slipping down in the water.