Thursday, May 28, 2009

What was I thinking when I signed up for the "Rat Race"?

Well, I guess I wasn't.

In actual fact, Wallace has been doing the Scotiabank Rat Race the last few years and he is also doing the Waterfront Marathon in the fall. A friend at work was also interested in the doing the race, so I figured I should do something, as a personal goal for 2009. But what was I thinking? I haven't been running or jogging since February....what was I thinking!!! What was I thinking?????

Anyway, I better get off my butt and start doing some jogging, cardio or anything for that matter, in order to finish within 45 mins. to an hour, so I won't embarrass myself.

What was I thinking???? Oh yeah, the most important thing....

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uncertainvoyage said...

i see you reached your fundraising goal. yay for you.