Thursday, June 18, 2009

Made it!

Came back a few hours ago from the 5km Rat Race, reaching my two personal goals:  Running the Rat Race within 45mins (waaay before the police cruiser started pulling people to the side walk - LOL!) and raising almost double the amount of my original goal of $500.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me for this race and for your message of encouragement.   It was great run......the CGI Rat Pack raised approx. $2,888. for United Way.  Hopefully CGI will top it off and match our team's goal of $5,000.

I'm really glad Wallace and Aidan made it to the raise, it certainly encouraged me to keep going.


irenka said...

knew you could do it.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

That is SUCH an accomplishment. Congratulations on so many fronts. I'm very proud of you, and your contribution. Thanks Marissa. Well done!